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August 20: Open House
   6th Grade 2:00 - 4:00 pm
   7th & 8th Grades 4:30 - 6:30 pm
August 25: Student's First Day of School 2015-16 9:00 am

Edsby Information
Parent registration is available for Edsby.
To register as a parent, you will need:
  • Student Number
  • Name of Student's School
  • Last four digits of the Student's Social Security Number
  • Student's Birth Date
Register or Log in at!

panel expand or collapseSafety Information
Safety reminder from Officer Delaney:
  • Parents, Florida law requires that all children (15 and under) wear a helmet while biking.   
  • Bringing a bike lock to school is highly recommended as well.  
  • Help stop bike theft and be sure to register all of your bikes with the Tampa Police Department’s Bike Registry.  Have your student stop by the SRO office at school or visit to register online.

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panel expand or collapseVolunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities
Liberty Middle School advocates parental involvement.  We believe that when parents/guardians are involved with their child’s education, it benefits everyone.  We have many opportunities for parents to volunteer.
SERVE website & Volunteer application
You Can Help:
Help in the media center (shelve books, etc.)
Help chaperone field trips/ School sponsored events
Attend PTSA or SAC meetings
Help make SAC or PTSA decisions
Help at PTSA sponsored events
Work concessions at games
Give input on the School Improvement Plan (SIP)
Help sell yearbooks
Help individual teachers with needs

Step 1:  Fill out the SERVE Application
Step 2: Fill out the PTSA Volunteer Application
Serve Contact:  Molly Hays,
PTSA Contact:  Lisa Missana, VP Volunteers,
SAC Contact:  Jennifer Demik,

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Last Modified: Dec 19, 2014